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This trinity necklace is made from an etched French coin, with a map of France, and "RF" (Republique Francaise) still visible on the reverse side.

The triquetra is widely recognized as a Celtic symbol, but was originally used on rune-stones in Northern Europe, and on early Germanic coins. This pagan symbol was adopted by the Celts, who primarily used it as decorative "space filler" on more elaborate works of art. The triquetra was then transformed into a stand alone Christian symbol, signifying the Holy Trinity of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. In all of these traditions the design symbolized three elements becoming one. It can be used to represent the Earth, Sun, Moon; father, mother, child; birth, life, death; etc.

Approximate Dimensions:
-Coin Size: 1.25" (3cm)
-Greek Leather Cord Length: 18" (46cm)