Peace Sign

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This Peace Sign necklace is made out of an etched Mexican coin, with the Eagle & Snake of Aztec Legend on the back.

There have been many peace symbols throughout time, including the olive branch and the dove.
The modern peace sign is recognized around the world but few people know it's origins. This symbol was designed in 1958 by Gerald Holtom to be used in Britain's Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament. Holtom used the semaphore signals (using two hand held flags to communicate) for "N" which is formed by pointing the flags down at an angle, and "D" which is formed by pointing one flag straight up and one flag straight down. The the ND signals, representing nuclear disarmament, were then transposed and drawn as simple lines to create the peace sign that has become so popular in modern culture.

Approximate Coin Size: 0.5" (1cm)
-Brass Chain