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This dragonfly necklace is made out of an etched Canadian coin, with a Caribou head still visible on the reverse side.

Dragonflies are mostly considered a positive omen in Asia and the Americas. They often symbolize change, self awareness and realization, because they can move comfortably on land, air, and water.
These insects were so highly revered by the Japanese, who saw them as a symbol for power, agility, strength, and victory, that they were adopted as an emblem for the Samurai. Native Americans also had a positive view of dragonflies, considering them a sign of happiness, speed, and purity.

In Europe and Australia however, dragonflies are seen as an ominous symbol, with nicknames like the witches’ animal, the ear cutter, and the devil’s needle. Some cultures believed that these bugs were sent to Earth by Satan, in order to cause chaos and confusion. In Swedish folklore dragonflies were believed to weigh souls, in order to check if they were good or bad. In some areas children were told that dragonflies would stitch their mouth, eyes, and ears closed if they lied or misbehaved.

-Approximate Coin Size: 1" (2.5cm)
-Surgical Steel Chain