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This Monarch Necklace is made from an etched Spanish coin, featuring a soccer ball and net on the reverse side.

Every year Monarch Butterflies perform one of nature’s great spectacles, when millions of them migrate from North America to Mexico. The average lifespan of the Monarch is only three to four weeks, which means it takes several generations of butterflies to complete the 3,000 mile trip. Each new generation continues on the migration despite never having gone on it.
Local Mexican Natives believe that these butterflies are the spirits of their relatives, who return at the same time each year to visit.
Monarchs go through similar life stages as my pendants. These insects start out as the functional caterpillar, go through a stage of destructive transformation, and emerge as the beautiful creatures that we are all familiar with. My pendants start out as a functional coin, are hammered and placed in acid, and emerge as a miniature work of art.

Approximate Dimensions:
-Coin Size: 1.25" (3cm)
-Surgical Steel Chain Length: 18" (46cm)