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This Circle Necklace is made out of a Mexican coin. 

The circle has been associated with the “divine” for centuries. This simple shape holds so much power because it is used to symbolize the most profound thoughts of mankind. The circle represents Life and Death, God, Nature, and so much more. Medieval scholars believed that there was something intrinsically perfect about the circle, and many of the world’s greatest minds have fixated on this shape, using it to express their ideas.
Plato uses the concept of a perfect circle to help explain his Theory of Ideas. This theory argues that perfection can exist in thought or ideas, but not in a physical sense. The perfect circle can theoretically exist, but no perfect circle can ever be physically produced, because at some level there will be inconsistencies in the form.

Approximate Dimensions:
-Coin Size: 1" (2.5cm)
-Greek Leather Cord